(A)   The village shall take into account flood hazards, to the extent that they are known, in all official actions related to land management use and development.
   (B)   New subdivisions, manufactured home parks, annexation agreements, planned unit developments and additions to manufactured home parks and subdivisions shall meet the damage prevention and building protection standards of §§ 151.480 and 151.481.
   (C)   Any proposal for the development shall include the following data:
      (1)   The base flood elevation and the boundary of the floodplain (where the base flood elevation is not available from an existing study, the applicant shall be responsible for calculating the base flood elevation);
      (2)   The boundary of the floodway when applicable; and
      (3)   A signed statement by a registered professional engineer that the proposed plat or plan accounts for changes in the drainage of surface waters in accordance with the Plat Act (ILCS Ch. 765, Act 205) and that there will be no reduction in either the storm water conveyance or storage capacity in the floodplain.