§ 151.380  GENERALLY.
   (A)   Except as specifically provided otherwise below, every person who proposes to subdivide any land located within the subdivision jurisdiction of the village shall submit four copies of the preliminary plat of the subdivision with the village staff for filing subject to § 151.340.
   (B)   They shall also file one copy of the preliminary plat and supporting data with the St. Clair County Soil and Water Conservation District. The district shall have not more than 30 days to submit any comments it might wish to make to the Village Planning Commission.
   (C)   Whenever a large tract is to be developed in stages and only a portion of that tract is submitted for final plat approval, nonetheless, a preliminary plat of the entire tract shall be submitted. A preliminary plat shall be required of all proposed land subdivisions within the jurisdictional boundaries of the village unless the subdivision is:
      (1)   Minor subdivisions, as defined at § 151.010; or
      (2)   Land that is specifically exempted from the Illinois Plats Act, being ILCS Ch. 765, Act 205, as now or hereafter amended.