§ 151.293  EASEMENTS.
   (A)   Easements not less than ten feet wide shall be provided on each side of all rear lot lines and alongside side lot lines where necessary for storm and sanitary sewers; gas, water and other mains; and for underground electric power and telephone lines and as required for future extensions of any of the above. Easements of greater width may be required along or across lots when necessary for the extension of main sewers or other utilities or where both water and sewer lines are located in the same easement. The Village Board of Trustees shall make the final determination as to location and size of easements.
   (B)   Adequate drainange easements for storm water drainage, storage and conveyance shall be established along any natural drainage channel and in such other locations as may be necessary to provide satisfactory flow of storm water from streets and all other portions of the development including the passage of the 100-year storm event without an increase in water elevation. The location and minimum widths of the drainage easements shall be approved by the village staff.
   (C)   No person shall deny access to the easements to authorized officials upon display of proper identification.
   (D)   (1)   No person shall erect any structure, fence, retaining wall, install earth fill or plant any tree or shrub in any easement or within any street right-of-way without a permit from the village. No person shall place any object in a right-of-way (i.e., basketball hoop, soccer net) in any easement or within any street right-of-way.
      (2)   Should the village issue a permit, the property owner will be responsible for and maintain all items on the easement except for electric, gas, phone, cable, water and sanitary sewer gravity or force mains.
      (3)   Should it become necessary in the opinion of the village or utility company that items, exclusive of those listed above as not being the responsibility of the property owner, on easements need to be demolished, removed or reconstructed, it will be at the property owner's expense.
      (4)   This cost to include any expenses incurred by the village as a result of this division (D).
   Fences, walls and natural barriers, see § 151.167
   Nuisances generally, see § 90.01