(A)   All applicants for a liquor license shall submit a written application to village staff as the local Liquor Commissioner. An individual or duly authorized agent may submit the application. Applications made by a club or corporation must verify eligibility by oath or affidavit.
   (B)   Applications must include:
      (1)   The individual's name, age and address of the applicant. For a co-partnership, the names, ages and addresses of persons entitled to share in the profits. For a corporation for profit or a club, the date of incorporation along with the names, ages and addresses of the officers and directors. A corporation that has a majority stockholder shall also include that person's or his or her nominee's name and address;
      (2)   The applicant's citizenship status and place of birth. If a naturalized citizen, the date and place of naturalization;
      (3)   A statement that the applicant(s) has no convictions for a felony or a crime opposed to decency or morality. It should state whether or not they have had a liquor license revoked in the state or in any other political subdivision of the United States;
      (4)   The location of the proposed place of business and the owner's name. If the applicant is not the owner, then the owner's name and the extent of the lease of the applicant;
      (5)   The character of the applicant's business and the length of time the applicant has been in business of that type. For a corporation, include the objects for which it formed and the date on which it received its charter;
      (6)   The class of license applied for; and
      (7)   A statement whether the applicant has applied for a similar license on a premises other than that described in the application, if so the disposition of such an application.