§94.05  CARE OF LOTS.
   (A)   All lots are sold under the Perpetual Care Fund established for that purpose.
   (B)   The scope of perpetual care provided for by the village shall consist of the general care of the cemetery as provided for in "State of Illinois Cemetery Care Act" (ILCS Ch. 760, Act 100, §2) as "Care." This care includes the maintenance of the lawn, shrubs and trees at reasonable intervals, and keeping in repair the drains, water lines, roads, buildings, fences and other structures. The village will seed or sod new graves to establish turf cover and add soil to sunken graves to maintain a consistent and level surface throughout the cemetery. Monuments will be blown clean of grass clippings and other debris at regular intervals. The cemetery grounds in general will be maintained free of excessive litter and debris at routine intervals.
   (C)   The scope of perpetual care provided by the village does not include the cleaning, repair, or replacement of vases, marker foundations, markers, or other memorial structures unless the need for such cleaning, repair, or replacement is directly caused by the village. Cleaning or repairs due to factors that include, but are not limited to, vandalism, theft, acts of nature, workmanship or age will be the sole responsibility of the lot owner.
(Ord. 2019-05-06B, passed 5-6-2019)