(A)   The Town Council President may suspend or revoke the license of any licensee if it is found that:
      (1)   The licensee provided false identification or false or incomplete information on the license application;
      (2)   The licensee refuses or has failed to comply with applicable regulations and conditions of the license as provided under § 113.20; or
      (3)   Other information or complaints have come forth whereby, in the opinion of the Town Council President, it would not be consistent with the public health, safety or welfare to continue permitting the licensee to conduct the licensed activity.
   (B)   Upon that action, the Town Council President shall give written notice to the licensee stating the reasons and the licensee's right to appeal as hereinafter provided.  Service of the notice may be made by certified mail to the address of the licensee as shown on the license application, or may be served personally on the licensee by the Town Council President, the Clerk-Treasurer or a police officer wherever the licensee may be found in the town.  The suspension or revocation shall be effective upon service of the notice.  However, within seven days of service of the notice, the licensee may file a written appeal of the suspension or revocation with the Clerk-Treasurer requesting a hearing on the matter before the full Town Council, which hearing shall be scheduled and conducted no later than the next regular meeting of the Town Council.  The Council may, pursuant to that hearing, reverse or modify the conditions of the suspension or revocation.  When a person's license has been suspended, he or she shall not be eligible to apply for nor to be granted any new license during the term of the suspension.  When a person's license has been revoked, he or she shall be ineligible to apply for or to be granted a new license for a period of one year following the effective date of the revocation and then may be granted the license only upon review and approval of the Town Council.
('85 Code, § 3-2-9)  (Ord. 1985-C14, passed 9-16-85)