General Provisions
   51.01   Combined sewer and water billings
   51.02   Termination of public services for nonpayment authorized
Rates; Charges; Fees
   51.10   Applicability of rates and charges
   51.11   Connection charge
   51.12   Minimum monthly charge
   51.13   Metered water service
   51.14   Fire protection service annual rates
   51.15   Collection and deferred payment charges
   51.16   Bad check charge
   51.17   Reconnection charges when service disconnected for nonpayment of bills and other violations
   51.18   Fee for resumption of discontinued water service
   51.19   Fee for meter tests supervised by Public Service Commission
   51.20   Rates and charges to provide reasonable return on investment
Water Main Construction Standards
   51.30   General
   51.31   Quality assurance
   51.32   Standards
   51.33   Products
   51.34   Water main and pipe fittings
   51.35   Valves
   51.36   Valve boxes
   51.37   Fire hydrants
   51.38   Tracer wire
   51.39   Service and meter pits
   51.40   Execution
   51.41   Laying of water mains
   51.42   Installation of appurtenances
   51.43   Testing
   51.44   Service connections
Water Conservation
   51.50   Water conservation
   Appendix: Water main diagrams