For the purpose of this chapter, the following abbreviations and definitions shall apply unless context clearly indicates a different meaning.
   (A)   Abbreviations.
      ERU. Equivalent residential unit.
      ISA. Impervious surface area.
   (B)   Definitions.
      AUTHORIZED ENFORCEMENT AGENCIES. The Department of Stormwater Management, Town Council, Town of Sheridan Police, Street and Fire Departments or their subcontractors shall be the agencies authorized to enforce the provisions of this chapter.
      BOARD. The Stormwater Board that oversees the Department of Stormwater Management.
      CONTIGUOUS. Abutting or adjoining as in having a common boundary or edge.
      CONVEYANCE. Any structural method for transferring stormwater between at least two points. The term includes piping, ditches, swales, curbs, gutters, catch basins, channels, storm drains and roadways.
      DEPARTMENT. The Department of Stormwater Management of the Town of Sheridan, Indiana.
      DISCHARGE. The flow of any substance into or from the stormwater system.
      DISTRICT. The Stormwater Management District of Sheridan, Indiana.
      EQUIVALENT RESIDENTIAL UNIT (ERU). Established as the average impervious surface area of a residential property or parcel of land in the District and is equal to 3,400 square feet.
      IMPERVIOUS SURFACE AREA (ISA). Hard surface areas that collect and concentrates runoff from a property or parcel of land Impervious surface area includes:
         (a)   Asphalt and concrete roadways, driveways and parking and storage areas.
         (b)   Compacted gravel roadways, driveways, and parking and storage areas.
         (c)   Rooftops, sidewalks, patio areas and pool decks.
         (d)   Other areas as deemed necessary and approved by the Board.
         (e)   Undisturbed land, tilled agricultural land, ponds, lawns and fields are not considered IMPERVIOUS SURFACE AREA.
      MULTI-FAMILY PROPERTY. A property or parcel that contains between two to four units shall be considered a residential property and bills shall be sent to the property owner on record. A property or parcel that contains five or more units shall be classified as a non-residential property. User fees shall be changed according to the total ISA located on the property, and bills shall be sent to the property owner on record.
      NON-RESIDENTIAL PROPERTY. All properties or parcels located within the town that are not residential property included, but not limited to:
         (a)   Agricultural property;
         (b)   Apartment property;
         (c)   Condominium property common area;
         (d)   Home owner association common area;
         (e)   Mobile home parks;
         (f)   Commercial property;
         (g)   Industrial property;
         (h)   Institutional property;
         (i)   Governmental property;
         (j)   Churches;
         (k)   Schools;
         (l)   Federal, state and local governmental property; and
         (m)   Any other property not mentioned in this or the list of residential properties below.
      PROPERTY or PARCEL: Real property having a legal description that is formally set forth in a document recorded in the Office of the Hamilton County Recorder or some other similar official.
      PROPERTY OWNER. The individual, partnership, or corporation holding the deed or record title to the property. A contract purchaser whose contract has been recorded shall be considered the PROPERTY OWNER.
      RESIDENTIAL PROPERTY. A lot or parcel of real estate on which a building or mobile home is situated which building contains a group of rooms forming a single habitable dwelling unit with facilities which are used or are intended to be used primarily for living sleeping, cooking and eating. See definitions for MULTI-FAMILY PROPERTY and NON-RESIDENTIAL PROPERTY above for further information.
      RUN-OFF. That portion of precipitation that flows from a drainage area on the land surface, in open channels, or in stormwater conveyance systems.
      SEDIMENT. Solid material (both mineral and organic) that is in suspension, is being transported, or has been moved from its site of origin by air, water, gravity or ice and has come to rest on the earth’s surface.
      STORM SEWER. A sewer designed or intended to convey only stormwater, surface run-off, street wash waters, and drainage, and not intended for sanitary sewage and industrial wastes other than unpolluted cooling water.
      STORMWATER. Water resulting from rain, melting or melted snow, hail or sleet.
      STORMWATER USER. The owner of a property or parcel within the town’s corporate limits.
      STORMWATER USER FEE. A user fee imposed on users of the town’s stormwater collection systems.
      TOWN. The municipal corporation of Sheridan, Indiana.
(Ord. 2015-6-2, passed 6-25-15)