(A)   Established. The provisions of IC 8-1.5-5 are adopted and incorporated in their entirety and the following entities established:
      (1)   A Department of Stormwater Management, which shall operate as a separate department.
      (2)   A Stormwater Board which shall consist of members as set forth in IC 8-1.5-5-4.
      (3)   A Stormwater Management District, extending to the corporate boundaries of the town is established for the purpose of providing for the collection and management of stormwater in a manner which protects the public health and welfare, and for the purpose of assessing fees to pay for the cost of stormwater facilities and services. As the corporate boundaries of the town change, whether through annexation of otherwise, so shall the boundaries of the District. The boundaries of the District may also be expanded through the implementation of an inter-local agreement upon approval by the Town Council.
   (B)   Powers of the Stormwater Board. The Board shall have exclusive jurisdiction over the collection and management of the stormwater within the District and shall possess all the power and duties set forth in IC 8-1.5-3-4 and 8-1.5-5-6.
(Ord. 2015-6-2, passed 6-25-15)