(A)   As used in this section, GOLF CART means any self-propelled vehicle that:
      (1)   Is designed for the transportation of players or maintaining equipment on a golf course, while engaged in the playing of golf, supervising the play of golf, or maintaining the condition of the grounds on a golf course;
      (2)   Has a minimum of four wheels;
      (3)   Is designed to operate at a speed of not more than 25 miles per hour;
      (4)   Is designed to carry not more than six persons, including the driver;
      (5)   Has a maximum gross vehicle weight of 2,500 pounds;
      (6)   Has a maximum rated payload capacity of 1,200 pounds; and
      (7)   Meets the federal motor vehicle safety standards for low-speed vehicles set forth in 49 C.F.R. § 571.500:
         (a)   Head lamps (two required);
         (b)   Tail lamps (two required);
         (c)   Slow moving vehicle emblem;
         (d)   Side reflectors - each side (front amber/back red);
         (e)   Stop lamps (brake lights);
         (f)   Exterior mirror mounted on driver's side and either an exterior mirror on passenger side or interior (rearview) mirror;
         (g)   Parking brake;
         (h)   Type 1 or 2 seatbelt assembly installed at each designated seating position;
         (i)   Windshield.
   (B)   In compliance with division (C) below, golf carts may be operated on any city streets whose speed limits are equal to or less than 25 miles per hour.
   (C)   In order to be operated on such designated city streets, a golf cart shall:
      (1)   Be issued a permit for the golf cart by the city; following a completed application, safety inspection, and ordinance review by the Police Department for a one-time fee of $25;
      (2)   Display a sticker or permit that identifies that the golf cart is allowed to be operated on roadways within the city; and
      (3)   Be inspected by a certified inspector designated by the Bullitt County Sheriffs Office and certified through the Department of Vehicle Regulation to ensure that the golf cart complies with the requirements of this section. The inspection fee under this division shall be $5 if the inspection occurs at the Sheriffs Office or $10 per trip charged if it becomes necessary for the certified inspector to travel to the site of the golf cart rather than having the golf cart brought to the Sheriffs Office. A proof of inspection by the Bullitt County Sheriff shall be kept in the golf cart at all times of operation on a public roadway. The permit shall remain valid for as long as the cart belongs to the original owner;
      (4)   The golf cart displays a slow-moving vehicle emblem in compliance with KRS 189.820;
      (5)   Be insured in compliance with KRS 304.39-080 by the owner or operator, and the proof of insurance shall be inside the golf cart at all times of operation on a public roadway;
      (6)   Be operated only between sunrise and sunset;
      (7)   Be operated by a person with a valid operator's license in his or her possession.
   (D)   Any person operating a golf cmi on a public roadway under the provisions of this section shall be subject to the traffic regulations of KRS Chapter 189 and any other applicable provisions of this Code of Ordinances pertaining to the operation of vehicles upon city streets.
   (E)   A golf cart operating on a public roadway is not considered to be a motor vehicle and is exempt from:
      (1)   Title requirements of KRS 186.020;
      (2)   Vehicle registration requirements of KRS 186.050; and
      (3)   Emissions compliance certificates pursuant to KRS 224.20-720.
   (F)   The provisions of this sections shall not apply to a golf cart that is not used on a public roadway except to cross a roadway while following a golf cart path on a golf course.
(Ord. 019-289, passed 6-10-2019)