(A)   Every person owning real property in the city is charged with the responsibility of maintaining and shall maintain and keep in proper repair that portion of the sidewalk which parallels or abuts the street immediately in front of, along the side of, or in the rear of said person's real property.
   (B)   The following sidewalk conditions are determined to be contrary to general welfare and require the sidewalk blocks, including bricks and paving stones, in such condition to be repaired or the condition to be alleviated:
      (1)   Any block having a crack or cracks in it more than five-eighths (5/8) inch wide.
      (2)   Adjoining blocks or portions thereof whose edges differ vertically more than five-eighths (5/8) inch.
      (3)   Blocks that have holes in them five-eighths (5/8) inch or more in diameter or that are cracked and broken so that pieces are missing or lost.
      (4)   Blocks having depressions, reverse cross slope (sloping away from the street) or below curb grade so as to impound mud or water.
      (5)   Blocks having a cross slope in excess of one-half (1/2) inch vertical per one (1) foot horizontal.
      (6)   Blocks that cause an abrupt change in the longitudinal grade of the sidewalk.
      (7)   Blocks that are ravelled, i.e., the surface has spalled or severely cracked.
      (8)   Blocks containing stumps, private sign posts or other unauthorized obstructions in the sidewalk's space.
      (9)   Blocks containing water stop boxes, gas stop boxes or similar items that are not at grade level.
      (10)   Sidewalks located:
         (a)   So that the sod area between the sidewalk and the street protrudes above the sidewalk thereby impounding water or causing water to drain along the sidewalk; or
         (b)   So that the sod areas on either side of the sidewalk are below the grade of the sidewalk.
   (C)   Any owner who shall fail to repair defective sidewalks shall be personally liable in a civil action for any personal injury or property damage proximately resulting therefrom.
(Ord. 95-03-02, passed 3-2-95; Am. Ord. 2019-08-15(B), passed 8-15-19)