(A)   It shall be unlawful for any person or corporation controlling, managing, or operating any railroad, or line of railroads through the city, to cause or permit its trains, engines, or cars to cross any street of the city where the tracks of the railroad crosses the street at grade without causing the train's engines or cars to come to a full stop within not less than fifty (50) feet nor more than one hundred (100) feet of the crossing, and give notice of its approach by ringing a bell.  This division shall not apply to any crossing where a flagman or guard gates are provided and kept by that person or corporation.
   (B)   Trains approaching the crossing on Seventh Street, south of Main Street, from the west and going in an easterly direction shall not be required to stop, but shall not be operated over the crossing at a speed greater than six (6) miles per hour.  However, at the crossing no cars or rolling stock shall be in any event left stationary on the switch adjacent thereto within fifty (50) feet from the center of Seventh Street, nor elsewhere on the switch except for a time as is necessary for loading or unloading same.
   (C)   The Louisville and Nashville Railroad Company is required to erect and maintain an arc light or gate at the crossing of its railroad at Seventh and Eighth Streets.  The Southern Railroad Company is required to maintain an arc light or gate at the crossing of its railroad at Seventh Street in the city.  No companies shall fail to erect and maintain this arc light or gate at those places after thirty (30) days from the adoption, approval, and publication of this division.  Those companies shall have the privilege of erecting and maintaining either an arc light or gate at those places.
Penalty, see § 40.999
Statutory reference:
   City may grant rights-of-way to utilities; conditions, see KRS 96.070