(A)   Coordinators/organizers must meet with the Mayor and Chief of Police before a parade permit is issued.  Coordinators/organizers must meet again with the Chief of Police within forty-eight (48) hours of the actual time the parade is to commence, to insure all parties involved are thoroughly informed of activities scheduled.
   (B)   All parades shall originate and must start within thirty (30) minutes of scheduled starting time.
   (C)   Parades containing any marching units or person on foot shall follow the designated parade route which is: U.S. 60 East (Main Street).
   (D)   Parades shall terminate at First Street.  No parade containing marching units or person on foot shall proceed past First Street.
   (E)   Each individual unit within the parade must stay on the designated parade route.  There shall be no exceptions.
   (F)   Individual units within the parade shall not stop to perform any acts while the parade is in forward motion.
   (G)   Marching bands shall not stop to perform while being judged but are to be judged in passing review.
   (H)   Any parade may be canceled by the  Mayor or Chief of Police within twenty-four (24) hours of scheduled parade time, if in their opinion the following conditions exist.
      (1)   The parade is likely to constitute a safety hazard to the general public or participants of the parade.
      (2)   The Division of Police is unable to provide adequate personnel to insure effective safety measures are incorporated into the event, necessary to prevent injury, loss of life, or damage of property.
   (I)   Any person, club, group, or organization who fails to comply with all conditions of this order may be denied future parade permits.