(A)   The Department shall measure the success of the Landlord Registration Program using without limitation, but at a minimum, the following performance measures:
      (1)   Number of landlords registered;
      (2)   Number of parcels registered;
      (3)   Number of fines issued and collected and the reason for the fine;
      (4)   Number of citations of violation of the state and local codes and ordinances opened against properties listed on the landlord registry;
      (5)   Status of the landlord registry fund.
   (B)   Within six months of adoption of this section, the Department shall create individual numeric benchmarks for, at a minimum, each of the performance measures above, as a means of tracking and measuring the annual performance of the program. An annual report shall be posted on the Department’s website for each of the above measures. Additionally the Department shall, no less than annually, report to the City Council on the progress made in implementing the Landlord Registration Program. The Department shall report on the annual increase or decrease for each performance measure contained in this section compared to the previous year(s). In its annual report to the City Council, the Department shall additionally make recommendations on any needed changes to the Landlord Registration Program, including, but not limited to, eliminating the Landlord Registration Program if it is not deemed to be effective.
(Ord. 20-2890, passed 9-21-20)