(A)   The intent of the vending machine regulations is to provide for and preserve the quality and aesthetics of the residential environment of the city.
   (B)   A vending machine is a type of machine that meets any of the qualifiers as stated below:
      (1)   COIN-OPERATED BULK VENDING DEVICE.  A machine or device which, upon the payment or insertion of a coin, token or similar object, dispenses to the purchaser ballpoint pens, combs, cigarette lighters, prophylactics, filled capsules, peanuts, gum balls, mints, perfume or novelties.
      (2)   COIN-OPERATED DEVICES.  Coin-operated music devices, coin- operated amusement devices, coin-operated vending devices and coin-operated bulk vending devices.
      (3)   COIN-OPERATED VENDING DEVICE.  Any and all machines or devices which, upon payment or insertion of a coin, token or similar object, dispense tangible personal property, including but not limited to cigarettes, candies, gum, cold drinks, hot drinks, sandwiches and chips, but shall not mean devices used exclusively for the purpose of selling services, such as pay telephone booths, paid newspapers, parking meters, gas and electric meters or other devices providing needed services.
   (C)   Vending machines shall not be placed outside a wholly-enclosed building in an area zoned S-1, R-1, R-2, R-3, or C-1, or any residential neighborhood that may have a non-residential zoning, but are characteristically residential in nature.  Vending machines shall not be visible from the street or by the public in these areas.
   (D)   In all areas, vending machines located in an outside area shall be regularly maintained in order to keep the immediate area free of windblown debris, insects, rodents, and other contaminants.
   (E)   Vending machines shall not be used for any form of advertising other than that which is characteristic of the construction of the machine itself.  Additional signage shall not be attached to any vending machine.  This does not apply to those decals or methods of identification that are required by law, or identify the person or company responsible for maintenance of the machine.
   (F)   Vending machines shall not project an amount of light, noise, vibration, or other stimuli that would be considered a nuisance or is offensive to the residents of the city.
   (G)   Vending machines, and the enclosures in which they may be located, shall not be located on any sidewalk or in any public right-of- way.
   (H)   Vending machines that are existing at the time of passage of this section are subject to the enforcement of this section and shall be brought into compliance with the terms of this section within 60 days of its final passage.
(`81 Code, § 150.091)  (Ord. 01-2388, passed 3-19-01)