(A)   The city shall provide the grantee of the cable television franchise, the public, and interested parties with an opportunity to be heard at a public hearing before the City Council. Upon 14 days written notice to the grantee of the cable television franchise of the time and place of the public hearing, the notice shall indicate that the purpose of the public hearing is to receive the views of the grantee and interested parties  on issues pertaining  to regulation of the basic service tier of cable television services and equipment necessary to provide the basic tier of service. Notice of the public hearing shall be published in a local newspaper of general circulation at least ten days before the date of this hearing. An agenda for the public hearing shall be posted in a public place at least seven days prior to the public hearing.
   (B)   Upon the adoption of this chapter and the certification of the city by the Federal Communications Commission, the city shall immediately notify the cable operator by certified mail, return receipt requested, that the city intends to regulate subscriber rates charged for the basic service tier and associated equipment as authorized by the Cable Television Consumer Protection and Competition Act of 1992.  Upon receipt of the notice by the city, the Cable Operator shall, within 30 days, file with the city its current rates for the basic service tier and associated equipment along with any additional documentation justifying the reasonableness of its rates.
(`81 Code, § 120.03)  (Ord. 93-2128, passed 11-15-93)