6-2-9: CATS:
   A.   Vaccination Required: Persons owning or caring for domestic cats within the city limits shall vaccinate their cats against all common feline diseases including rabies. Owners shall provide proof of vaccination either by tags on their cat or by keeping a record of vaccination. If an owner fails to provide proof of vaccination, the animal control officer shall impound the cat until the owner provides proof of vaccination, up to a maximum of seven (7) consecutive days. If after seven (7) consecutive days, the owner has not provided proof of vaccination, the animal control officer may humanely euthanize the cat. A cat owner providing proof of vaccination may claim the cat after paying the appropriate kennel fees as published in the city schedule of fees.
   B.   Running At Large: Domestic cats, feral or otherwise, shall not run at large within city limits. Upon a single or multiple complaints from a city resident or residents, the animal control officer shall set traps or catch cats at large. The city shall make reasonable effort to give notice of impending trapping through media notice or residential posting. After trapping or catching cats, the animal control officer shall confine the cats for a period of seven (7) consecutive days. During that seven (7) consecutive day period, any person wishing to claim a cat may do so by paying the kennel fee and providing proof of compliance with other ordinances pertinent to animals. The kennel fee is published in the city schedule of fees. If, after seven (7) consecutive days, no person comes to claim a cat, then the animal control officer may humanely euthanize the cat. Traps, methods to catch cats, confinement, and euthanization shall be humane and in accordance with state laws. (Ord. 787, 12-3-2007)
   C.   Cats To Be Licensed: All cats kept, harbored, or maintained in the city shall be registered on or before January 31 of each year. Registration tags shall be issued by the city finance officer upon proof of current vaccination for rabies prior to the time such registration is applied for and upon payment of a registration fee.
   D.   Number Of Cats: A kennel license is required for three (3) or more cats. Any person who wishes to maintain three (3) or more cats over the age of six (6) months must obtain a kennel license.
      1.   Consent Of Neighbors: Anyone making application for a cat kennel license must obtain the written consent of at least seventy five percent (75%) of the neighbors within a two hundred foot (200') radius of the property line of the person requesting the license.
      2.   Renewals: Licenses expire on December 31 of each year no matter when obtained during the year. Licenses must be renewed within thirty (30) days of the expiration date.
      3.   Increase In The Number Of Cats: If a person holding a kennel license wishes to increase the number of cats maintained, the person must submit a new application for a kennel license including the consent of any neighbors as required under subsection D1 of this section.
      4.   Exclusions: Veterinary hospitals, city owned or recognized animal shelters, and government zoological parks are not required to obtain a kennel license.
      5.   Fees: The fee for a cat kennel license is set forth in the schedule of fees.
   E.   Nuisance Prohibited: No person owning any cat shall permit such cat to damage property not belonging to the cat owner or cause an unsanitary, dangerous, or offensive condition.
   F.   Penalty: Violation of this section is a misdemeanor. (Ord. 825, 5-16-2016)