(a)   In accordance with Ohio R.C. 731.25, Council has determined the following five places as those to be used for the posting of ordinances, resolutions, and reports as are required by law or ordinance. Such posting shall be for a period of not less than fifteen days at:
      (1)   The bulletin board in the lobby of City Hall.
      (2)   At the front entrance to the Community Center.
      (3)   At the City of Sheffield Lake, Ohio’s Water Department on Richelieu Avenue.
      (4)   At the Domonkas Library.
      (5)   In Gunther Park on Walker Road.
(Ord. 62-97. Passed 10-28-97.)
   (b)   Council finds that there is no newspaper of general circulation printed within the Municipality and that the posting as determined herein shall have the same force and effect as if publication were by a newspaper.
   (c)   All resolutions declaring the necessity of an improvement shall, in addition to posting, be published at least once a week for two weeks in a newspaper of general circulation within the County and the costs of such publication shall be assessed against the improvement.
   (d)   The Clerk of Council is hereby directed to post or publish ordinances, resolutions, notices, proclamations, statements and orders in accordance with the provisions of this section. (Ord. 138-78. Passed 11-28-78.)