(a)   All new construction of residential dwellings within the City of Sheffield Lake shall include the installation of adequate yard storm drains which are appropriately connected to the City's storm drainage system. Prior to any new construction of a residential dwelling within the City, plans shall be submitted to the Building Department to be reviewed by the Building Inspector and/or City Engineer to ensure the installation of adequate yard storm drains.
   (b)   Any repair to existing front yard drainage pipe or new installation of new drainage pipe within the City shall require a permit. The permit is to be obtained from the Service Director or his designee. The party requesting the permit shall pay a fee of twenty-five dollars ($25.00) which may be waived by the Service Director if the City performs the installation of the pipe.
   (c)   The Service Director or his designee is hereby authorized to selectively schedule, based on the determined drainage needs of the City, the replacement of gravel driveway apron storm pipe which is damaged, deteriorated or irreversibly clogged provided that the pipe has not been damaged by a singular accident in which case the homeowner shall remain responsible for replacement of the pipe.
    (d)   The replacement cost for this pipe is fourteen dollars ($14.00) per foot for twelve-inch double wall Hancor/Advanced Drainage System, Inc. (ADS) pipe or equivalent polyethylene pipe, and eighteen dollars ($18.00) per foot for eighteen inch double wall ADS pipe or equivalent polyethylene pipe. Other matching pipe may be used with Service Director or his designee approval.
   (e)   If the existing driveway apron is constructed of any material other than gravel, the homeowner is responsible for the replacement of concrete or asphalt.   
(Ord. 49-16. Passed 9-27-16.)