No person, without the specific written consent of the Director of Public Service, shall bring into, leave behind or dump any material of any kind in a park except the refuse, ashes, garbage and other material of a picnic, camp or other permitted activity, provided that such material is deposited in receptacles or pits provided for such purposes.
   No person shall either within or outside of a park, discharge into any pipe, drain, sewer, ditch or natural tributary watercourse that flows, through or onto park lands, any liquid or aqueous waste or any noxious or deleterious material which may render park waters harmful or inimical to the public health or to animal, vegetation or aquatic life, or which may prevent, limit or interfere with the use of such waters for domestic purposes, or which may lessen to an unreasonable degree the use and enjoyment of such water for park lands or for recreational or other park uses. (Ord. 56-22. Passed 10-11-22.)