(a)    Where private sewage plants are permitted they shall conform in location, materials, arrangement, installation and maintenance to applicable statutes and shall also conform to the regulations and be subject to the permits, inspection and approval of the following authorities:
      (1)    For dwelling houses: The Lorain County District Board of Health,
      (2)    For buildings and other structures other than dwelling houses: The State of Ohio, Department of Health, Division of Sanitary Engineering.
   (b)    All such installations shall also require a permit from and be subject to the inspection and approval of the Building Inspector.
   (c)    The applicable statutes and the regulations of the County and State authorities shall also govern the disposal of all sewage and other sanitary wastes not discharged into a public sewer.
   (d)    No septic tank, cesspool or privy, nor any part of a sewage disposal plant, shall be located within twenty feet of a street line.
(Ord. 74-58. Passed 10-28-58.)