(a)   Portland cement concrete sidewalks shall be installed parallel to abutting streets one foot outside of the perimeter of land upon which new construction of a building may be undertaken. Where there is no sidewalk or the existing sidewalk is in poor repair, as determined by the Building Inspector, the sidewalk shall be installed to meet the grade established by the City Engineer. The sidewalk shall be constructed within two weeks of the time that the building work has reached a state of construction that it is no longer necessary to move heavy equipment across the area where the sidewalk is to be laid, or where the Building Inspector has determined the sidewalk to be in poor repair or unsafe.
(Ord. 44-77. Passed 4-12-77.)
   (b)   The materials to be used and the method of construction shall be in compliance with Sections 608.02 and 608.03 of the State of Ohio Department of Transportation Construction and Material Specifications, dated January 1, 1971.
   (c)   Expansion joints of prepared strips of bituminous and fiber or mineral aggregate three-fourths of an inch thick shall be placed at regular intervals not more than thirty feet apart and also between the sidewalk and other structures, such as a concrete driveway, which are adjacent to the sidewalk.
   (d)   The concrete shall be a full four inches in thickness except in the area of a crossing driveway where it shall be a full six inches in thickness.
(Ord. 22-71. Passed 3-23-71.)
   (e)   The sidewalk width shall be four feet on all streets in the City.
(Ord. 17-01. Passed 3-13-01.)