(a)   No person shall fail to comply with the following requirements within the lawful time after service or publication of the notice or resolution is made as required by law:
   To fill or drain any lot or land or remove all putrid substances therefrom, or remove all obstructions from culverts, covered drains or natural watercourses as provided in Ohio R.C. 715. 47.
   (b)    No person owning or having control of lots in the City shall allow the accumulation of refuse, garbage, debris, offal or any other noxious substance on such land.
      (1)    The Director of Public Service and/or the Director of Public Safety are hereby authorized to give ten days written notice to any person found violating this subsection to correct any and all aforesaid violations.
      (2)    In the event such person receiving such notice fails to comply with this subsection within ten days after receipt thereof, the Director of Public Service and/or Director of Public Safety are hereby authorized to remove such substances and are further authorized to charge the expenses for such removal to the person owning or having control of such lots.
      (3)    Any expense incurred by the City in removing such substances, if not paid within three months after such removal, shall be made a lien upon the premises charged therewith which lien shall be certified to the County Auditor, who shall place the same on the tax duplicate to be collected as other Municipal taxes are collected.
   (c)    No person shall place or dispose of, in any manner, any garbage, waste peelings of vegetables or fruits, rubbish, ashes, cans, bottles, wire, paper, cartons, boxes, parts of automobiles, wagons, furniture, glass, oil or anything else of an unsightly or unsanitary nature along, near or on any public road, street, parkway, park drive, highway, ditch or any land adjoining any public road, highway, or ditch, except on land provided by the Planning Commission, by City ordinance or by other governmental authority, unless directed to do so by public officials on special cleanup days.
(Ord. 3-74. Passed 1-8-74.)
   (d)    Whoever violates any of the provisions of this section is guilty of a minor misdemeanor.