The following definitions, revisions, modifications and/or changes to the IFC shall apply:
   (a)   The terms "Fire Chief" and "Fire Code Official" in the IFC shall refer to those persons with specific enforcement, interpretation, inspection, and other duties of the City of Sharon as referred to in the IFC. Persons granted authority of the Fire Chief and Fire Code Official shall be the Fire Chief of the City of Sharon; the Fire Captain of the City of Sharon; any Sharon police officer in the scope of their official duties; the Sharon Code Enforcement Officer; and any third party appointed by the City for the inspection of properties pursuant to the IFC.
   (b)   Section 101.1 of the IFC shall insert the City of Sharon.
   (c)   All geographic limitations referred to throughout the IFC shall apply throughout the City of Sharon, including but not limited to those limitations in Sections 3404.; 3406.2.4.4; 3506.2; and 3804.2.
(Ord. 03-19.  Passed 3-27-19.)