Within five days after receiving notification by registered mail that an application for a permit under this chapter has been denied, the applicant may file a written request for a public hearing on the application before Council, together with written exceptions to the findings of fact upon which the Code Enforcement Officer based his or her denial of the application. Upon the filing of such a request, Council shall fix a time and place for a hearing and shall notify the applicant thereof. The hearing shall be held within five days after the request is filed. At the hearing the applicant may present evidence in support of his or her application and exceptions. Any interested person may be allowed to participate in the hearing and present evidence. Within forty-eight hours after the conclusion of the hearing, Council shall render a written report either granting or denying the application for a permit. This report shall be filed in the office of the City Clerk for public inspection and a copy shall be served by registered mail upon the applicant and all parties to the hearing.
(Ord. 13-87. Passed 8-25-87.)