(a)   Whoever violates or fails to comply with any of the provisions of this chapter shall be fined not more than three hundred dollars ($300.00) plus costs of prosecution and, in default of the payment of such fine and costs for reasons other than indigency, shall be imprisoned not more than thirty days. A separate offense shall be deemed committed each date during or on which a violation or noncompliance occurs or continues.
   (b)   In addition to the penalty provided in subsection (a) hereof, the Historic Preservation Commission may, whenever any person is engaged in or is about to engage in any act which constitutes or will constitute a violation of this chapter, make application to the Court of Common Pleas of the County for an order enjoining such act or practice, or requiring such person to refrain from such prospective violation, or to remedy such violation by restoring the affected property to its previous condition. Upon the showing of the Commission that such person has engaged in or is about to engage in any such act or practice, a permanent or temporary injunction, restraining order or other appropriate order shall be granted.
(Ord. 15-84. Passed 8-21-84.)