(a)   Adoption. The National Electrical Code, 1978 edition, designated NFPA No. 70-1978, as adopted by the National Fire Protection Association, as the same is revised, amended or supplemented from time to time, is hereby adopted by reference and shall be referred to herein as the Sharon Electrical Code. In the event of inconsistencies between such Code and this chapter, the provisions of this chapter shall apply. Blanks for the insertion of the name of the Municipality and similar insertions in the Code shall be considered as supplied in a manner consistent with this chapter and its adoption of such Code as the Sharon Electrical Code.
   (b)   Official Copies. Three copies of the National Electrical Code, with amendments, shall be kept on file in the Office of Code Enforcement and shall be marked with the words "City of Sharon, Official Copy. "
(Ord. 44-78. Passed 12-20-78. )
   (c)   Exceptions. There is hereby excepted from the adoption of the National Electrical Code, the 1978 edition, those provisions contained in Article 336, specifically Section 336-3, wherein type NM and NMC cables are not permitted in structures exceeding three floors above grade.
(Ord. 21-79. Passed 10-24-79. )