(a)   General Duties. The Code Enforcement Officer shall enforce and administer all of the provisions of this chapter and of those other codes and ordinances which establish the Office of Code Enforcement as the official administration and enforcement agency.
   (b)   Specific Duties. The duties of the Code Enforcement Officer shall include the receipt of applications, the approving of permits, the issuance of notices, certificates and orders, the making of inspections, the undertaking of research and investigations to determine conformity with applicable codes, the keeping of records, the issuance of written annual reports and such other activities as may be required.
   (c)   Right of Entry. In the discharge of his duties, the Code Enforcement Officer or his authorized representative shall, upon showing proper identification, have the authority to enter, at any reasonable hour, any structure or premises in the Municipality to enforce the provisions of this chapter and of the codes and ordinances that he is charged with the enforcement of. The assistance and cooperation of all other Municipal officials, including the Police and Fire Bureaus, shall be available to the Code Enforcement Officer to assist in the performance of his duties and in securing right of entry.
   The owner, occupant, operator or other person in charge of any structure or premises shall give the Code Enforcement Officer free access thereto and no person shall refuse or impede entrance of the Code Enforcement Officer to such structure or premises for the purpose of making any systematic, necessary or required inspection.
(Ord. 15-76. Passed 4-28-76.)