(a)   Establishment of Office. There is hereby established an office of the Municipality to be known as the Office of Code Enforcement. Such Office shall have the responsibility for administering and enforcing the provisions of this Building and Housing Code and the Fire Prevention Code of the City.
   (b)   Designation of Chief Code Enforcement Officer. Council, by resolution, shall designate a Chief Code Enforcement Officer and an assistant to be in charge of the enforcement of the City Building Code, Plumbing Code, Electrical Code, Mechanical Code, Housing Code and Fire Prevention Code. The Code Enforcement Officer shall supervise such other employees as are necessary for the administration and execution of the responsibilities of his office.
   (c)   Official Record. An official record shall be kept of all business and activities of the Office of Code Enforcement and such record shall be open to the public for inspection at all appropriate times.
(Ord. 15-76. Passed 4-28-76.)
   (d)   Enforcement by Police Officers. All police officers and members of the Meter Patrol of the City are hereby authorized to enforce Sections F-311.1 and F-311.2 of the International Fire Code, which provides that the Fire Chief may require and designate public or private fire lanes and require the same to be maintained free of obstructions and vehicles.
(Ord. 20-84. Passed 11-20-84.)