As used in this chapter:
   (a)   "Enclosed structure" is a building or similar edifice existing in such form that it allows the occupants thereof to secure it from unwelcome intrusion from the public or is constructed such that persons outside the structure are unable to easily determine what activities are being undertaken within the structure.
   (b)   “Event" is the planned gathering of 100 or more people outside the confines of any building or enclosed structure.
   (c)   “Nonprofit applicant" is a person applying for a license pursuant to Section 1069.03 of this chapter that has been in existence at least thirty-six months prior to the date of the application with a verifiable history of community service or eleemosynary activity.
   (d)   “Person" is any individual, trust, partnership, association, firm, corporation, LLC, estate or other entity.
   (e)   "Public event" is an event that is organized such that it either contemplates or necessarily extends into, uses, or occupies public property.
   (f)   “Public property" includes all roads, streets, alleys, walkways, sidewalks, navigable waters of the Commonwealth, parking lots, parking garages, and parks.
(Ord. 05-15.  Passed 7-16-15.)