(a)   Temporary repairs to bituminous pavement shall consist of the trench being backfilled with select granular material and topped with at least three and one-half inches of cold patch. In all cases, the permittee is responsible to maintain temporary pavement repairs in good condition, free of chuck-holes and soft spots, and to clean the street surface of any debris or earth which may be carried over the street.
   (b)   Final pavement restoration shall be made only when weather conditions are suitable. If, because of weather conditions or time of year, temporary paving and natural stone or gravel are utilized, these temporary materials must be removed to a depth of at least 13 Yz inches below finished street paving grade. All temporary materials shall be removed and replaced with permanent repairs as soon as weather conditions permit. All permanent repair shall be made as follows:
      (1)   If trench length is less than seventy-five feet in length (or 100 feet in a cul-de-sac) the trench shall be backfilled and repaved as per the City trench restoration detail(s) that are filed at the City Code Department.
      (2)   If the trench length exceeds seventy-five feet in length (or 100 feet in a cul-de-sac) and does not cross the center line of the cartway, the entire disturbed lane shall be milled to a depth of one and one-half inches and repaved after the trench has been properly backfilled and binder installed as per the City trench restoration detail(s). In areas where the trench runs along or crosses the center line of the cartway the entire pavement width (curb-to curb width) of the affected street shall be milled (as needed) and repaved with wearing. All paving shall run a length of at least one foot in excess of trench length on each side of the disturbed area and be properly keyed in and sealed.
      (3)   For purposes of this section, a “lane” is defined as the greater of the distance from the center line to the curb, or from the centerline to the point where the previous pavement ended.
   (c)   All restoration of bituminous pavement shall be performed to the satisfaction of the Inspector, who may in consultation with the City to develop additional work standards.
(Ord. 02-10.  Passed 6-17-10; Ord. 01-14.  Passed 3-20-14.)