(a)   Unless specifically permitted by the City:
      (1)   No street opening shall extend across more than one-half of the cartway at one time.
      (2)   Two-way traffic shall be maintained.
      (3)   Access to driveways and/or buildings abutting the street shall be maintained.
      (4)   Not more than 250 lineal feet of any street shall be opened at any time.
      (5)   No excavated materials or backfill materials shall be stockpiled on the roadway surface or sidewalk.
      (6)   No permit shall be issued unless the scope of the project is such as to allow final pavement restoration under Section 1020.14(b) before the expiration of the permit under Section 1020.03(h).
   (b)   The permittee shall locate in advance of excavation all surface and subsurface utility lines and structures, as required by Pennsylvania Act 172, also known as the PA One-Call System. The permittee shall take all precautions necessary to avoid damage to other utility lines including loop detectors, and to public and private property. In the event damage does occur to the property of others, the permittee shall promptly and satisfactorily repair all damages and restore the property to a satisfactory condition.
   (c)   Provisions shall be made to accommodate the flow of storm drainage, and no excavated material or trench shall be permitted to interfere with the normal flow of surface water. Erosion and sedimentation controls shall be installed as needed.
   (d)   Traffic control shall be maintained in accordance with Pennsylvania Department of Transportation requirements, and the permittee shall furnish and maintain upon the work site such signs, barricades, lights and flagmen as may be necessary to insure safe travel for vehicular and pedestrian traffic.
   (e)   No blasting may be performed without a blasting plan approved by the City that provided that blasting activities are performed, such operations shall be performed by persons authorized by all federal, state, county, and local authorities to undertake such activities and shall be carried out in strict accordance with federal, state, county and municipal laws or regulations governing the same.
   (f)   Appropriate measures must be taken to provide access for emergency vehicles and to all properties affected by the work.
(Ord. 02-10.  Passed 6-17-10; Ord. 19-11.  Passed 1-3-12.)