829.17  APPEALS.
   Any landlord whose license has been revoked or whose application for a license to operate has been denied or has received notice from the Code Enforcement Officer of the City of Sharon that his dwelling or dwelling unit is not in compliance with this Chapter may within twenty (20) days from the postmarked date of the written notice of noncompliance, appeal to the City of Sharon Code of Appeals Board by filing a petition for appeal on the form provided by the City of Sharon. The cost of filing an appeal to the Code of Appeals Board shall be fifty dollars ($50.00). This amount shall be paid upon filing the appeal. The appeal shall be filed in writing on a form to be provided by the Code Enforcement Officer.
(Ord. 06-05.  Passed 3-22-2005; Ord. 05-19.  Passed 6-19-2019; Ord. 17-20.  Passed 1-20-2021.)