(a)   No license shall be issued to any person or landlord as defined herein for purposes of renting or making available or permitting a non-owner to occupy dwelling or dwelling unit if the person or landlord resides outside the County of Mercer, unless such person or landlord provides to the City, the name, address and telephone number of the authorized designated responsible agent who shall be a person as defined herein and who shall reside or maintain a place of business within the County of Mercer. Such authorization to designate a responsible agent shall be in writing and signed by the owner and/or landlord and by the designated responsible agent. Said written authorization shall be filed with the Code Enforcement Officer. Designation of a responsible agent shall authorize the responsible agent to provide access to the property and to receive notices and communications necessary or deemed to be appropriate by the City under the terms of this Chapter and to accept service of process of the initial and subsequent pleadings on behalf of the owner or landlord which may be necessary or deemed to be appropriate by the City for the enforcement of this Chapter, provided, however, that nothing contained herein shall affect the right of the City to submit notices and communications directly to the landlord rather than the responsible agent, or to serve process of any initial and subsequent pleadings in any other manner permitted by law.
   (b)   Any owner or landlord to whom a license has been issued who subsequently changes his place of residence and resides outside the County of Mercer or changes the designation of a responsible agent shall notify the City in writing within thirty (30) days after such change.
(Ord. 06-05.  Passed 3-22-2005; Ord. 05-19.  Passed 6-19-2019; Ord. 17-20.  Passed 1-20-2021.)