(a)   The term "poisonous gas, " as used in this section, means any substance which, by itself or in combination with other substances, liberates a gas, fume or vapor in a concentration of more than forty parts per million and is used for the destruction or control of pathogenic bacteria, insects, fungi, vermin, rodents and other pests.
   (b)   No person shall conduct or cause to be conducted any fumigation by any poisonous gas within the City unless he has previously obtained a permit therefor from the City Clerk, as required by this chapter.
   (c)   No permit shall be issued to, and no fumigation shall be conducted by, any person except fumigators licensed under the provisions of this chapter, and in accordance with the regulations prescribed in this chapter and other present or future ordinances of the City relating to -fumigation.
(Ord. 871. Passed 12-12-39.)