Every fumigation within the City shall be conducted in accordance with the following regulations:
   (a)   When using hydrocyanic acid gas in fumigation, the concentration shall never be greater than one percent. This concentration of hydrocyanic acid gas shall be the standard of toxicity as regards all other poisonous gases.
   (b)   The fumigation permit shall be posted in a prominent place at the entrance of the premises to be fumigated and kept posted until fumigation and ventilation are completed.
   (c)   Warning signs, supplied by the fumigator and approved by the Director of Public Safety, shall be posted at every entrance to the premises and kept posted until fumigation and ventilation are completed.
   (d)   The fumigator, immediately prior to the commencement of a fumigation, shall notify every person in the premises of the intended fumigation and no person shall remain on the premises during such fumigation. Attached houses shall be considered as one building.
   (e)   The fumigator shall warn occupants of adjacent premises immediately prior to the commencement of a fumigation and all windows in such premises shall be kept closed during the fumigation and ventilation period if inspection by the fumigator shows a possibility of gas gaining entrance, except where formaldehyde candles are used.
   (f)   Before distribution of the fumigation material, the rooms of the building must be properly cleaned and all openings, including keyholes, except the entrance, shall be securely locked and properly sealed by gummed paper, adhesive or masking tape or other suitable materials to stuff orifices or cracks and prevent the egress of gases during fumigation.
   (g)   Upon completion of the preparations for fumigation the fumigator shall make a final inspection and see that all workers and other persons are out of the premises. Immediately following such inspection, the final entrance shall be sealed, locked and the keyhole taped.
   (h)   During the period from the commencement of preparation for fumigation until the premises are released after ventilation, the following persons shall be on duty: two men, one of whom shall be a licensed fumigator, from the commencement of the preparation until the premises are sealed; one properly instructed watchman thereafter until fumigation has been completed and ventilation is started; and two men from the time ventilation is started until completed and the premises
   (i)   The fumigator shall at all times have available a supply of ammonium carbonate and aromatic spirits of ammonia for first aid in case of accident.
   (j)   The fumigator shall use test paper to determine leaks in the premises during fumigation and after ventilation shall apply test papers to bedding and clothing to determine the presence of gas. The fumigator shall not leave the premises until reasonably certain that they have been thoroughly ventilated and the premises shall not be occupied for a period of at least four hours after the fumigator leaves.
   (k)   The fumigator shall deposit all fumigation residue in holes dug in the ground for that purpose, of a depth of not less than six inches, and the soil shall be replaced in the hole. Fumigation residue shall never be dumped in sewers.
(Ord. 879. Passed 3-23-400