Cable Television Systems
   EDITOR'S NOTE: Ordinance 11-82, passed June 23, 1982, granted a nonexclusive franchise to Shenango Cable T.V., Inc., of 513 Allegheny Avenue, Holidaysburg, Pennsylvania. Ordinance 11-82 was amended by Ordinance 16-83, passed June 16, 1983. Resolution 160-85, passed August 28, 1985, authorized Shenango Cable T.V., Inc., to transfer its franchise to Century Sharon Cable Corporation, to be known as Century Shenango Cable T.V., Inc., or to any subsidiary of Century Communications Corp., of 51 Locust Avenue, New Canaan, Connecticut. Resolutions 1-96, passed January 25, 1996, 65-96, passed March 28, 1996, and 124-96, passed June 27, 1996, provided for extensions to the franchise agreement. Resolution 124-96 also amended the franchise agreement to provide for a franchise fee of five percent of gross revenues collected by the franchisee from all premium services and pay per view services, to be paid to the City. Copies of such ordinances and resolutions and of the contract may be obtained, at cost, from the City Clerk.
   Resolution 173-95, passed August 24, 1995, provided for the participation by the City in the Mercer County Regional Council of Government's administered Joint Municipal Cable TV Regulatory Advisory Board and authorized the Board to negotiate with Century Cable relative to the future renewal of local franchise agreements and/or the provision of cable TV service to the constituent consumers of the City.
823.01   Definitions.
823.02   FCC rate regulations.
823.03   Initial review and establishment of basic cable rates.
823.04   Review and approval of requests for increases in basic cable rates.
823.05   Cable operator information.
823.06   Automatic rate adjustments.
823.07   Refunds.
823.99   Penalty.