Any officer or employee of the City designated thereby for the purpose herein stated, is hereby authorized to give notice by personal service or by United States mail, to the owner or occupant, as the case may be, of any premises whereon grass, weeds or other vegetation is growing in violation of the provisions of this Chapter, directing and requiring such owner or occupants to remove, trim or cut such grass, weed or vegetation, so as to conform to the requirements of this Chapter within three (3) days after issuance of such notice.  Notice of violation shall be required only once during any calendar year.  Any subsequent violation may result in issuance of a citation without issuance of additional notices.  In the event any owner shall fail to comply with any such notice, within the period stated therein, then the proper City officials may direct the removal, trimming or cutting of such grass, weeds or vegetation, and the cost thereof shall be paid to the City by the owner or occupant of said property, and the City may collect said cost in the manner provided by law. In the event of failure of the owner to pay the City the expenses of cutting grass, weeds or vegetation on his property, the City may file a municipal lien against said property and collect said expense in the manner provided for the collection of municipal liens.
(Ord. 01-05.  Passed 2-17-05.)