This chapter and its provisions shall be administered and enforced on behalf of the City of Farrell, the City of Hermitage, the City of Sharon, the Borough of Sharpsville, the Borough of West Middlesex, the Borough of Wheatland, and the Township of Shenango, or any other such municipalities that shall become members, from time to time, by SVAS, as authorized by the ordinance creating, establishing and approving the each municipality’s membership in SVAS.  This chapter shall also be administered and enforced on behalf of other municipalities as may hereafter become a member municipality of SVAS.  SVAS is empowered to adopt from time to time such rules, regulations and fees for animal control services as are necessary to administer the provisions of this chapter in conformance with the stated purpose and intent.  All fees regulated by SVAS are subject to change.
(Ord. 13-20.  Passed 12-16-2020)