Unless otherwise expressly stated, words and phrases used in this chapter shall have the meg.nings ascribed to them in the Vehicle Code of Pennsylvania, as now in force or as hereafter amended, enacted or re-enacted, except when the context clearly indicates a different meaning.
   (a)   "Abandoned vehicle" means a vehicle the physical possession or control of which has been voluntarily or intentionally relinquished or disclaimed by its owner without reference to any particular person or purpose and without the intention of returning to reclaim or appropriate such vehicle.
   (b)   "Nonoperating vehicle" means any vehicle which does not display thereon a current Pennsylvania registration plate and inspection sticker, or if such current registration plate and inspection sticker are displayed thereon, does not meet the requirements of the Vehicle Code of Pennsylvania concerning the condition of vehicles and the necessary equipment to be attached to vehicles in order to pass current State inspection standards.
   (c)   "Property" means any real property within the City which is not a street or highway.
   (d)   "Street or highway" means the entire width between the boundary lines of every publicly maintained street, avenue, highway, road, lane, alley or public thoroughfare, however designated, including all existing berms and rights of way.
(Ord. 16-70. Passed 7-22-70.)