(a)   The Land Bank shall obtain insurance to defend and indemnify the Land Bank and members of the Board of Directors with respect to all claims or judgments arising out of their activities as Board members with respect to all negligence claims, and claims or judgments arising out of Land Bank activities performed on behalf of the Land Bank or City. Insurance may be through coverage by the City of Sharon.
   (b)   To be eligible for defense and indemnification, a Land Bank board member shall be obligated to:
      (1)   Notify, within five days of receipt, the Board Chair of the Land Bank, and the Executive Director of the Redevelopment Authority of the County of Mercer, about any claim made against the member and deliver all written demands, complaints and other legal papers received with respect to such claim.
      (2)   Cooperate during the investigation and defense of any claim against the City, the Land Bank or any member of the Land Bank, including, but not limited to, preparing for and attending depositions, hearings and trials and otherwise assisting in securing and giving evidence.
(Ord. 02-18. Passed 3-21-18.)