276.03  BOARD.
   The first members of the Board of the Sharon Library Authority, named in the Articles of Incorporation, are hereby specifically appointed members of the Board for the term set after their respective names, commencing on the date of appointment and computed from the first Monday of January, 2005. The Council of the City shall have the exclusive right and power to appoint any and all subsequent members to the Board of the Authority. Any person appointed by the Council to fill a vacancy created by death, incapacity, disqualification, resignation, or removal shall only serve the remaining unexpired term held by the replaced member of the Authority. All members appointed by the Council hereafter to fill a vacancy created by the expiration of a member's term shall serve a term of five (5) years.
(Ord. 22-04.Passed 1-20-05; Ord. 05-08.  Passed 3-20-08.)