266.02 DUTIES.
   The Board of Health shall enforce the laws of the Commonwealth and the rules, regulations and orders of the State Department of Health. The Board shall undertake to prevent or diminish the introduction or further spread of infectious or contagious diseases and otherwise shall protect and increase the public health by regulating communication with places of infection or contagion, by isolating carriers of infection or contagion or persons who have been exposed to any infectious or contagious disease, by abating or removing all nuisances which the Board deems prejudicial to the public health and by enforcing the vaccination laws. The Board shall make all such rules and regulations as to it appear proper for the preservation or improvement of the public health, consistent with this chapter and the laws of the Commonwealth. The Board shall transmit to the State Department of Health all of its reports and publications and such other information regarding public health in the City as may be requested by the Department.
(Ord. 23-57. Passed 8-27-57.)