(a)   Upon the occurrence of a vacancy on City Council, the City Clerk shall, without further action by Council, advertise the existence of the vacancy once in a newspaper of general circulation in the City (the "Notice"), and concurrently post same on the City's website.  Said notice shall advise:
      (1)   The existence of the vacancy; and
      (2)   That interested persons must file a written application with the office of the City Clerk on or before the close of business on the seventh day following publication of the notice in the newspaper.
   (b)   Council shall, within five days of the receipt of permitted applications by the City Clerk, set a schedule for the interviewing of each applicant, and shall cause to have posted on the City's website that schedule of interviews, identifying the time of each interview and the name of the party to be interviewed.  Council shall fill the vacancy with one of the candidates so interviewed not sooner than the fifteenth day following the publication of the notice nor later than thirty days following the occurrence of the vacancy.
(Ord. 12-08.  Passed 3-20-08.)