(a)   The number of devices permitted in any business establishment shall be limited to two (2), unless a special use permit for amusement devices as a main or accessory use has been granted by the City Planning Commission in conformance with the pertinent provisions of the City Zoning Code.
   (b)   In its review and consideration of any application for a special use permit for amusement devices, the City Planning Commission, in addition to the conditions for approval contained in Section 1283.04 of the City Zoning Code, shall determine whether the proposed use detracts from or interferes with the normal and customary operation of the main use.
   (c)   Amusement devices shall be located on a business premises in such a manner so as not to impair ingress or egress to the premises and so as not to interfere with the necessary or customary circulation of customers and employees.  The devices shall also be located in a manner that will discourage excessive congregation of persons around the devices.  The devices shall also be located in conformity with the floor plan approved in accordance with the issuance of an amusement device permit and, where applicable, a special use permit.
(Ord. 81-111.  Enacted 2-22-82.)