§ 33.07  DUE PROCESS.
   Any person claiming a deprivation of liberty or property to this chapter shall be entitled to a hearing before the Municipal Court Judge. The hearing shall be held as soon as practical after execution of the questioned order. The aggrieved party shall have the right to appear in person and/or by counsel and may present evidence to support his or her grievance. The city shall present evidence in support of its action. The Judge shall determine whether the questioned action was lawful and proper and shall be empowered to restore any property or other rights of which the grievant was unlawfully deprived. The Judge shall not have authority to award monetary compensation or damages. Claims for compensation or damages shall be made in the manner otherwise provided by law. The city or any aggrieved party shall have the right to appeal the judge's decision. The appeal shall be taken and perfected in the manner provided by law taking appeals from justice courts and as prescribed in O.R.S. 221.359.
(Ord. 213, passed 11-6-2003)