(A)   When the Mayor determines that a state of emergency exists, the Mayor shall make a written declaration to that effect, and within 24 hours, call a special meeting of the City Council to ratify the declaration of emergency, or if a quorum of the Council is not available, then as soon as a quorum can be assembled.
   (B)   By declaration, the Emergency Management Plan is activated.
      (1)   The state of emergency declaration shall specify:
         (a)   The nature of the emergency;
         (b)   The geographical boundaries of the area subject to the emergency management procedures; and
         (c)   Any special regulations imposed as a result of the state of emergency.
      (2)   The ratification by the City Council may also authorize additional specific emergency powers for the duration of the emergency period set forth in the declaration.
(Ord. 213, passed 11-6-2003)