§ 32.01  SCOPE.
   (A)   Deferred improvement agreements will apply only to land partitions, minor or major.
   (B)   Deferred improvement agreements will not be applicable to subdivisions, multiple lot annexations and other similar land use applications involving property in excess of partitions. In those instances, the applicant will be required, at the discretion of city management, to either make the identified improvement or post a bond for the improvement. If it is determined that a bond is appropriate, it will be posted within ten days of application approval. Failure to comply negates approval.
   (C)   If an applicant attempts to circumvent the subdivision requirement by proposing a series of partitions, or it is readily apparent to city management that application of a series of partitions is likely, then subdivision requirements will apply.
   (D)   Deferred improvement agreements will apply only to lots which front on city, county or state streets or highways.
(Ord. 175, passed 5-20-1999; Ord. 190, passed 6-1-2000)