(A)   The following procedures shall apply to the award of personal services contracts:
      (1)   Personal service contracts to $5,000:  Personal services contracts involving an anticipated fee of up to $5,000 per fiscal year shall be awarded by the Contracting Agency following solicitation of offers for personal services by written invitation or advertisement in sufficient number to provide a choice for the city from among qualified service providers. The Contracting Agency shall determine the selection criteria to be included in the written invitation or advertisement and shall have authority to negotiate and enter into the contract.
      (2)   Personal service contracts above $5,000:  Personal services contracts to which division (A)(1) does not apply and having an anticipated fee above $5,000 shall be awarded by the City Council following solicitation of offers based on the procedure and selection criteria adopted by the City Council before offers are solicited.
      (3)   Except as otherwise provided in the Public Contracting Code, for all other personal services contracts, including amendments to and annual renewals of existing contracts and emergencies, the contracting agency may enter into the contract without a solicitation of offers. A personal services contract shall not be artificially divided or fragmented to qualify for the award procedures provided by this subdivision.
   (B)   The following criteria shall be considered in the evaluation and selection of a personal services contractor. This section does not preclude the use of other additional criteria:
      (1)   Total cost to the agency for delivery of services.
      (2)   Expertise of the contractor in the area of specialty called for.
      (3)   References from successfully completed projects managed by the contractor.
      (4)   Utilization of locally procured goods, services, or personnel.
      (5)   Other services provided by the contractor not specifically listed in the request for proposal.
      (6)   Timeliness of delivery of services.
      (7)   Other criteria specially listed in the solicitation document on a case by case basis.
(Ord 252, passed 1-7-2010)