(A)   The City Council or Contracting Agency, whoever is awarding a public contract, may disqualify any person as a bidder on a contract if:
      (1)   The person does not have sufficient financial ability to perform the contract. Evidence that the person can acquire a surety bond in the amount and type required shall be sufficient to establish financial ability;
      (2)   The person does not have available equipment to perform the contract;
      (3)   The person does not have key personnel of sufficient experience to perform the contract; or
      (4)   The person has breached previous contractual obligations.
   (B)   The provisions of the Public Contracting Code regarding disqualification of persons shall apply In addition to this section with respect to public improvement contracts.
   (C)   A person who has been disqualified as a bidder may appeal the disqualification to the City Council in accordance with O.R.S. 279B.425.
(Ord 252, passed 1-7-2010)